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10-Oct-2006 11:29 6AAC3A1444 Closed email: cannot login to to log incident
10-Oct-2006 12:33 6AAD393186 Closed The Syllabus widget for the navigation bar does not show up when any of our users try to add it to their course bar.
10-Oct-2006 12:37 6AAD446346 Closed When we tested D2L on a site you operate last Spring, I persoally uploaded a WebCT course and it worked fine. On our version and on our server, we cannot uploade a WebCT course. We can upload a Blackboard course with no problem but not WebCT. Of course, if we go to the sizeable trouble of exporting content modules one at a time, we can upload them into D2L, but not the course from the backup zip file. What's the difference between the way your system ran last Spring and the way ours runs now?
13-Oct-2006 16:56 6ADH641189 Closed When creating a new course, if I want to use a previously-made template, I click on the link: "Create a new course offering based on an existing template:" and select a template, press OK and nothing happens. The template is not selected, in fact I can't select any template this way.
23-Nov-2006 11:44 6BNC556941 Closed Support is opening this ticket because we have discovered that the OKState D2L web site is inaccessible. We wish to confirm that this is planned at OKState's end.
07-Dec-2006 15:27 6C7G311983 Closed This appears to be a bug. Instructor is viewing the Edit Calculated Grade Item's Properties dialogue box and under section on Display Options, he checks Override default display options for this Grade Item? and three boxes appear: one for Grade colours, one for Points Grade, and one with no label, which can be checked. I will try to upload of jpeg of it.
08-Dec-2006 17:51 6C8I5844A4 Closed Can you help us increase the timeout value for course imports? I've been told that Mike thinks they can and he thinks it’s within the code. We have people backing up their courses to move to new course sites and timing out before they get the zip files created (in one case) and before they get unzipped and installed (in two cases).
15-Dec-2006 13:37 6CFE433925 Closed May not be a bug but appears to be: The Reset Attempt and the Enter Quiz as User does not appear on the Grade Quiz Attempts tab as instructons suggest they should. This makes it impossible to re-set a quiz attempt for a student.
18-Dec-2006 11:59 6CIC624616 Closed In trying to use the course mapping tool, we are finding it to work extremely slowly and in fact, it times out on us before we are able to complete the work. It searches and searches for the courses and never comes back.
19-Dec-2006 12:03 6CJD113254 Closed We have some admins who can create courses but cannot add anyone to them or remove anyone from them. This has been classified by Mike, I think, as a bug. Specifically, College and Campus admins can’t edit the courses they create College and Campus Admins can’t remove faculty from a course.
21-Dec-2006 17:57 6CLI5A15A8 Closed Please ask your Desire2Learn experts about why files with .sav extensions will not upload properly. I uploaded the links.sav file again, and I got the same error message when I clicked on it: "The page cannot be found." Blackboard apparently did not care about such file extensions. They are the extensions for data files for SPSS, one of the most widely used statistical software programs in the world. This campus has it in its labs, and my students downloaded these files here and at OSU-Tulsa, where I will! be teaching next semester. I have been using these files for several years in Blackboard without problems. In addition, I have downloaded them form other sites on the Web before. Because they are so widely used, someone must have used them in this program before for statistics or research methods classes. Further explanation from the instructor: I just tried to download a similar file with a .sav extension from the same course in Blackboard, and it worked just fine. The file size is 1.58 KB, which is essential the 2 KB that shows up in Desire2Learn. I am using Internet Explorer as before. When I click on the file in Blackboard, the File Download box comes up and it asks "Do you Want to Save this File?" You get the icon that indicates that it does not recognize the file type, but that does not matter. By the way, I had the same problem in Desire2Learn using Firefox, so the problem appears to be something with Desire2Learn, not a specific browser. Thank you very much.
05-Jan-2007 17:11 715I152988 Closed When several sections of a course are mapped, the sections listed in the classlist are not in any particular, predictable order. Why? The instructor ought to be able to sort the class list by section.
08-Jan-2007 17:21 718I3141A8 Closed Quick link disappeared! As an instructor noted: QuickLink appears as the fourth choice under ‘New Topic’. When you click on QuickLink a new window opens, and there the little QuickLink symbol next to the space where you put in the URL is missing – and that’s where I got stuck. Meanwhile, I did however, figure out a work around ;-) You just type in some arbitrary text for the URL and save the QuickLink; you go back to Content and click on edit Quicklink - and now the little QuickLink icon shows up next to the URL place holder
09-Jan-2007 14:51 719F5A2613 Closed Can't map all theory sections of Biology 1114. I have tried three times and nothing happens. We get no notice of an error and nothing happens.
10-Jan-2007 16:28 71AH342778 Closed Client has large glossary that requires a great deal of time to open. Can you provide some suggestions by looking at the course. The instructor is quite upset that so much time is required which he insists was not the case with the glossary tool of WebCT.
24-Jan-2007 13:34 71PE3A4587 Closed I have attached a list of concerns from one of our user's that I cannot answer. In response to my sharing this list with our account manager, I received the following: Hi Ron, Many of these are technical how-to questions that would best be answered by Support. I might be able to answer a couple of questions but it would take me a lot longer to find the right answers than it would for Support to investigate for you. Plus, if there are issues, I need Support to report them. I apologize if this answer is not what you had in mind but I would not want to steer you down a wrong path with my answers simply to have to ask Support in the future. Please pass these questions onto Support for the answers. Thank you, Sylvie My original note to her follows: Sylvie, I am sending to you a copy of the notes I just took while in a one on one, tense session with one of our engineering faculty members. I know you have several things to do but I would welcome any suggestions you can give me about his list of items (attached). As you go down the list, you will see a colleague of his wants the pager feature and that was our conscious decision based upon the recommendation one of our team heard from Ohio State. I have drawn stars next to the two most important items on his list but he has equal passion for all of them. I greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide to me. Ron
25-Jan-2007 10:21 71QB321318 Closed From SMS#71PE3A4587 "Matching problems have too many answers - a known bug in D2L. I need to reset them manually."
25-Jan-2007 12:43 71QD492563 Closed Client has a question about quiz tool that we need answered. He exploited the quiz feature of WebCT for 3 years successfully so he knows what he is doing. He wrote to me the following: Do I have something set wrong? D2L is allowing students to exceed the time limit on the quiz. Please, look at the attached screen captures. Also, every student’s quiz event log shows the same IP address. Shouldn’t it show the IP address of the student’s machine? (I’m guessing the IP address belongs to the D2L server.) I have attached his full note complete with screen shots detailing his points about which he has questions. Oh, on the point about the IP address, he is correct the one listed is our server address, not the student's IP address, which we would expect to be the one showing.
26-Jan-2007 13:12 71RE175976 Closed We may need our site checked! We are experiencing a number of issues for faculty who engage in a process in the grade book, the classlist, or even the News tool and pick up the message: Error: Internal Error There was an error processing the page you requested. Please contact technical support, informing them of the page you were trying to reach and how you got this error message. Error: HTML 500 - Internal Server Error My Home © Powered by Desire2Learn Inc. Currently, I am getting this with my History course while trying to edit the News items. When I click on the Go Back link or the News button in the edit mode (the place that allows you to see all news items so you can delete some of them) causes an internal error.
30-Jan-2007 13:16 71VE155874 Closed We have several instructors reporting that the Dropbox list never updates to show any of the itmes as "read" even when the specifically click on a box selecting one of them and clicking the "Mark as Read" box. What can we tell them?
30-Jan-2007 13:42 71VE486A49 Closed Several of our instructors has requested a way to make a conditional statement with an either or of, say, two conditions. If students fall into one or the other group, for example, then the condition is met. Currently, if faculty list more than one condition, there is an implied AND added that often means no one will meet the condition. One of our faculty added this: "It would really, really help if the release conditions could be “or” not 'and'! Is there anything that can be done about this?"
30-Jan-2007 14:25 71VF34374A Closed Instructor need to be added a negative number exponential notation. He finds that any negative entry is treated as a subtraction problem. x10 question is really off!!! (see attached screenshot)
30-Jan-2007 14:28 71VF364AA3 Closed What is the csv format for importing 2+2 questions into D2L. An instructor wants to do this because the import process from WebCT 4.1's calculated questions doesn't work. He will download the questions from WebCT and format them the way D2L wants them, if he is told what that format is.
31-Jan-2007 13:22 71WE28395A Closed When the period for a quiz has passed, what settings do faculty use to allow the quiz questions and the student's answers to be viewed for teaching/learning purposes. We are finding that once the period has passed, students are not allowed to view any submission view the faculty member has created. Traditionally, faculty do not want students who have taken the quiz to see the answers while the quiz is still available to other students to take.
31-Jan-2007 16:53 71WH62237A Closed Once again, I have a faculty member and his TA who cannot see the grade book of their class. They are fed the Internal Error message.
01-Feb-2007 11:36 721C415893 Closed Once again, same client cannot access his grade book. I cautioned him not to do a view by section but he thinks he did and now he gets the Error: Internal Error message instead of his grade book. Client cannot access his grade book for HORT 1013 - all sections
01-Feb-2007 12:18 721D222479 Closed For blind students the dropbox window's browse button has no ALT tag, apparently. Specifically, one of our instructors noted the following, "I have two Security students who blind and have special software that reads everything to them. So far, D2L is very compatible with their software. The told me that in the Dropbox window, the Browse button only tells them there is a button there, but doesn’t say Browse. If you have any control or influence to make that change, it would be helpful."
01-Feb-2007 12:37 721D45234A Closed Another grade book issue: The Error: Internal Error We need a permanent fix for this but that is a side issue to this user.
01-Feb-2007 13:02 721E11311A Closed Client cannot access her grade book. As she explains, "I am still not able to access the grade pages of any of the 4 courses that I am in charge of. I can access everything else on the sites except the grades. It gives me an error message (Internal Error). The courses are: PHYS 1114 - GENERAL PHYSICS - ALL LB SEC PHYS 1214 - GENERAL PHYSICS - ALL LB SEC PHYS 2014 - GENERAL PHYSICS - ALL LB SEC PHYS 2114 - GENERAL PHYSICS - ALL LB SEC Thanks, Melissa Edwards Undergraduate Laboratory Coordinator Physics Department 057B Physical Sciences II Oklahoma State University
01-Feb-2007 13:12 721E196173 Closed Instructor cannot see his grade book. It just loads and loads and loads. I can't see it either.
01-Feb-2007 13:28 721E351944 Closed Another Grade Book issue that I don't have the power to handle. Person received the Error:Internal Error bug. He says, Grade book problems in Desire2Learn "When I try to look at my grade book I get the message: Error: Internal Error There was an error processing the page you requested. Scott Johnson Asst. Professor Oklahoma State University"
01-Feb-2007 15:35 721G461146 Closed Can 2+2 be imported using .csv? Why are there sometimes errors with WebCT imports? How do I modify the import to x10?
02-Feb-2007 14:58 722F693799 Closed Opening ticket to address issue split off from SMS#718F536A66: I never use the HTML editor in D2L because it’s crap (It butchers HTML tags it does not recognize – and that are a few). I used of course HTML, with plain text, how can I include links? The HTML was originally written in Dreamweaver, and all questions in my question library are in HTML and were imported from WebCT (where they were working fine, by the way). To emphasize this again: We are talking about questions that work perfectly fine when previewed in the Question Library or when imported into a Quiz. But once these interactive questions are imported into a Self Assessment the links/URLs given in the Feedback test for each question (feedback like, “No this answer is not correct, see here – URL – to review the material") do not work any more. Somehow, the links/URLs are changed by the D2L system during import into the Self Assessment." Granted, he should probably use the HTML editor resident in D2L but he doesn't. The thing that really harms our case is the comment: "questions that work perfectly fine when previewed in the Question Library or when imported into a Quiz" but not in self assessment. What can we tell him? (By the way this is Ron, not Mica, working with the client still.) More: The problem you seem to discuss with the D2L Support (My Ticket Number: 713I386743). When I import questions from my Question Library into the Self Assessment something happens to the links / URLs contained in these questions. Pictures do no longer show up and URLs contained in the Feedback Text are changed in a way that they do no longer work. If you want to have a look, go to one of my courses (BOT 3463-PLANT PHYSIOLOGY-SEC TH 001 or BOT 3463-PLANT PHYSIOLOGY-SEC TH 603) à Content à Self Assessment of module 1., 2a, or 2b. You will see, as a student you cannot access the Self Assessment at all – see above. If you access it as an instructor the pictures are gone, while everything works fine when I look at the same questions within the Question Library or within a Quiz. Next if you click on one of the answers of the multiple choice questions, a little feedback box open which contains a link; if you click this link you are told that you are not authorized to view this page. More: Images and PDF files not accessible: Here the support person from D2L may not have taken the time to really look at the problem. No folder has been removed or renamed – the folder never ever existed! The support person also should see that the links points to a folder I can not create at all! While importing the questions from the Question database into the Self Assessment the links are CHANGED! Again, everything works fine in the Question Database and the Quizzes, the problem only occurs after importing questions from the Question Database into the Self Assessment. Regarding the recommendation that the user might edit the links, first this is hilarious, second it does not work. By the way, I just checked, the pictures are back but the links to the PDFs in the Feedback text still go 'nowhere'.
06-Feb-2007 11:39 726C484961 Closed Give the software rights to add more roles to the Role Switch. We would like to give faculty access to view as a TA and Course Builder Role that we created.
06-Feb-2007 14:25 726F2965A7 Closed Faculty member cannot get the submission view to work as he expects. He does not release answers during the testing period. He will release scores only. Then, he wants to be able to show the questions and the answers to the students after the quiz period has ended. At the suggestion of someone working on our earlier ticket, we could create a submission view as we wanted and select a date to show the view understanding that the view would become effective after the date we entered. Problem is no matter what date we set or how long we wait, the submission view never takes effect. The submission view link is never produced.
06-Feb-2007 14:57 726F622475 Closed Instructor had downloaded her grade book, entered grades, saved as CSV, tried to import her changed grade book and received errors: Number of Columns in the row do not match number of rows in the header row. In looking at the CSV file, I found that the rows specified as an error did not have a trailing comma. Several other rows did. I placed a comma at the end of each row and the grade book was updated. It appears that the export process did not produce the correct number of commas or if I "overkilled" the file, it should not have had some columns end in comma while others didn't. I am providing you with two CSV files in multiple openings of this ticket for your investigation. The first file will be the one the system (D2L) produced for the faculty member.
07-Feb-2007 11:09 727B686385 Closed File this request under better reporting of Survey information. We have a WebCT lover who wants a report condensed with individual answers presented in a single table. We want questions in the first column followed by individual responses making up the other columns across. Specifically, here is our exchange leadning up to this request: Hi Ron, I know that it can generate a CSV file, BUT THE OUTPUT IS NOT PROPERLY ORGANIZED INTO ROWS AND COLUMNS, where rows are students and columns are survey questions. What it exports as individual results is not processable in Excel. All I want is the same report that WebCT generated for Survey results (rows and columns). Thank you, Dursun On 2/6/07 3:42 PM, "Payne, Ron" wrote: I was just reminded that you may not want this type of report. You can create another report and name it to your liking (in my case, I named it "Individual") and be sure to select the option next to Individual Attempts. My earlier comments assumed you select the option, "Summary Report." Make your report available to instructors, select anything else you want and save. Click on Survey Reports, select the report you want to use and generate the report you want. Sorry for my confusion. Ron Ron Payne -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Kim, Alisha Sent: Tuesday, 06 February 2007 15:28 To: Payne, Ron Cc: Krawczyk, Samantha Subject: RE: D2L survey reports But I think the format is not to his liking. He says it gives aggregate results and he wants to see the results per question and per student. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Payne, Ron Sent: Tue 2/6/2007 3:15 PM To: Kim, Alisha; Delen, Dursun Cc: Espy, Yoshie Takenaka Subject: RE: D2L survey reports You can get your survey results in two fashions: CSV file or HTML file. After some people have taken your survey, click on the link to open your survey listings. Click on the underlined name of the survey. Then, click on the Survey Report. On the Generate Report dialogue box, you will see two buttons: "Generate CSV Report" and "Generate HTML Report." Pick the one of your choice. Good luck. Ron Ron Payne -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Kim, Alisha Sent: Tuesday, 06 February 2007 14:58 To: Payne, Ron Subject: FW: D2L survey reports Ron, This professor wants the survey report in a certain format (see below), but I cannot find an option like this in D2L. Can we send this request to them? Alisha -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Espy, Yoshie Takenaka Sent: Tue 2/6/2007 2:20 PM To: Kim, Alisha Cc: Delen, Dursun Subject: FW: D2L survey reports Alisha, This is the email Dr. Delen wanted to send you. Thank you. Yoshie From: Delen, Dursun Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:19 AM To: Espy, Yoshie Takenaka; Krawczyk, Samantha Cc: Subject: RE: D2L survey reports Dear Yoshie, and others: WebCT had this feature of exporting Survey results in a spreadsheet format where the rows represent the survey takers and columns represent the survey questions. In fact, this was the only reporting you could get from the WebCT survey results. Please let D2L know of this. It should be much easier than the aggregated reports they are creating. They should be able to make this happen in a short time, I hope. Thank you. Best regards, Dursun Delen, Ph.D. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Assistant Professor of Management Science and Information Systems William S. Spears School of Business Oklahoma State University North Hall, Suite 378 700 North Greenwood Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Espy, Yoshie Takenaka Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 7:43 AM To: Delen, Dursun Subject: FW: D2L survey reports Dr. Delen, I received email from Stillwater, but there is no way to create the report you want, right now. I am sorry. Individual attempts in quiz is the closest one, but I know you said you didn’t like it. Yoshie T. Espy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [] Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 2:17 PM To: Espy, Yoshie Takenaka Cc: Krawczyk, Samantha Subject: D2L survey reports Yoshie, I have looked at the options available for survey reporting, and like you said, the best option appears to be 'Individual Attempts', but that is not to the instructor's liking. We can forward a request to D2L to add another reporting option, but I cannot say if it is even possible or how long a change like that may take for implementation. Alisha Kim
08-Feb-2007 17:04 728I134693 Closed The "community" widget does nothing; it won't even appear when an instructor attempts to use it.
09-Feb-2007 11:23 729C2A4883 Closed Review the quiz submission view procedures. We file a ticket earlier reporting this issue and were provided with a "work around" but not a cure. The instructor has found another avenue but with it students can easily print his exams. He and I just had an exchange of e-mails that should interest you if you want others to eventually update to 8.1. For a backgound, please check 726F2965A7. Not sure "In order for the submission view to be seen, the setting "allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion" must be checked off." is a solution. It's more like an undocumented work around. The instructor just reminded me to ask that you guys fix this issue rather than "just recognize it as a bug or known issue." The instructor and I just had another round of quiz problems that got us back to the issue reported in this ticket. The instructor found a work around for allowing his students to view the exams by creating a quick link to the exam in the Contents area. The only trouble with that is students can easily print the exams which hurts the instructor who wants to help his students learn but protect the validity of his tests. The full series of notes follow. "Thanks, Ron. I discovered that by going back to the “Question Library,” opening each question that had once been in the deleted “random section,” and re-saving the question, successfully broke the link. I was then able to add one of the questions as a single question on the quiz. Please, make D2L aware of this bug. I hope D2L is working quickly to resolve the quiz submission display issue. Because I want to promote learning, I have created quick links to my course quizzes on the “Content” page. Unfortunately, further testing proved that students can print their quiz submission by using File|Print or by clicking the printer icon in the upper right group of icons displayed on content pages. This is not acceptable. Doug On 2/9/07 9:53 AM, "Payne, Ron" wrote: I created two exams and "synched" them to two different columns in the grade book. The test I was planning to delete I created the grade book column from the test creation tabs (general tab of quiz creation). Then, I proceeded to delete the test and just for fun, re-set the first test to the column that I created when I made the now deleted quiz. Next, I had my pretend student take the exam and the grade went to the correct column. So it appears to be all right to delete the quiz. Ron Ron Payne -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Needham, Doug Sent: Friday, 09 February 2007 9:39 To: Payne, Ron; Krawczyk, Samantha Subject: D2L Quiz Creation Bug Dear Ron, I’ve discovered another D2L bug! I created a quiz this morning with a “random section” of three related questions. After “previewing” the quiz and knowing that students would be able to print the quiz, I decided to delete the random section and just use one of the questions. After having deleted the random section, D2L won’t let me add a question that had once been in the random section. D2L thinks the question is still in use by the quiz. This quiz is scheduled to go online at 6:30PM today, and I can’t finish adding the question that yet needs to be included. I’ve thought about deleting the whole quiz and starting over, but I am concerned that may foul up the grade book or something else! Any suggestions would be appreciated." Thanks for your consideration
09-Feb-2007 13:50 729E521419 Closed This may have to be a feature request but I thought it was possible to slow down D2L's chat screen refresh for usability purposes that might also help with the problem one of our faculty is having. She and Elizabeth of your company exchanged e-mails as follows (She is using the chat feature, not LiveRoom Express as identified; to many people, the tools are one and the same.): From: Phillips, Brenda [] Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 3:30 PM To: Elizabeth Coelho Subject: RE: LiveRoom Express So if it is browser related or connection related how do we address that? I am having multiple student complaints, and I have personally found it almost impossible to stay focused in the chat and I have 5 years experience at doing this. It's very difficult. Thanks so much for your help. Brenda Phillips, Ph.D., Professor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Elizabeth Coelho [] Sent: Mon 2/5/2007 2:17 PM To: Phillips, Brenda Subject: RE: LiveRoom Hi Brenda, I have heard back from our Support team. I've verified that the Chat tool is working as expected. The auto-refresh is not something that can be enabled/disabled as this is a major component to the Chat tool. For example, without the auto-refresh, users that left the chat room by simply closing their browser (not using the Exit Chat button) would be listed in the participants list until the chat session completed. I've also verified that the auto-refresh interval is correct, which is approximately 5 times a minute (every 12 seconds). The issue that their screen goes blank, pauses, or reloads appears to be either a) browser related, or b) connection related. Thanks, Elizabeth Coelho Trainer Desire2Learn Inc 1-519-772-0325 x392 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Phillips, Brenda [] Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 1:08 PM To: Elizabeth Coelho Subject: RE: LiveRoom Express Hi Liz Have you found a solution to the constant refreshing in the chat room? We are having nonstop student complaints about this. The screen will go blank, pause, reload and it is very difficult to follow the conversation at all. Thank you. Brenda Phillips, Ph.D., Professor Center for the Study of Disasters & Extreme Events Fire & Emergency Management Program Department of Political Science Oklahoma State University 536 Math Sciences Building Stillwater OK 74078 USA (405) 744-5298 Fax (405) 744-6534 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Elizabeth Coelho [] Sent: Tue 1/23/2007 12:10 PM To: Phillips, Brenda Subject: FW: LiveRoom Hi Brenda, This is Liz from Desire2Learn. I hope you’re doing well. We met last week during the desire2learn open sessions. I wanted to follow-up with you and let you know that OSU will have LiveRoom up and running in the near future. I have also submitted the following: Feature Request - The ability to turn on/off the auto-refresh in Chat. Issue – Participants are being kicked out of chat rooms. This has been submitted to our Support team. It was a pleasure meeting you! Regards, Elizabeth Coelho Trainer Desire2Learn Inc 1-519-772-0325 x392 Take Your Support To The Next Level - Desire2Learn's New Year Upgrade Promotion... Learn More here!
12-Feb-2007 12:08 72CD175A42 Closed One of our instructors thinks he has found a bug but we want to know for sure. He states: "I have noticed something a little odd. If a question is part of a random folder when I make changes and save it D2L tells me the question is in the quiz and question library and I save the changes in both places. If the question is NOT in a random folder I never get this dialog. Is D2L saving the questions in the library without needing input from me, or are the questions in the library not being changed? If the second is true I consider this a bug."
14-Feb-2007 12:42 72ED4A1699 Closed Recently, at one of our branch campuses, the faculty met to discuss D2L quite positively. One of their needs they ask that we provide as a feature request. Here it is: ***********************Top Priority*********************** NO. 1 Request We need to be able to import ExamView tests. This option was available in Blackboard. The ability to input Examview test into D2L, 90% or more of the faculty in ITD use books that provide ExamView tests.
14-Feb-2007 12:43 72ED535512 Closed Some of our faculty are requesting the following: I want to be able to randomize answer choices on multiple choice questions at the Test level, rather than having to check the box for every single question. This option was available in Blackboard. Basically she wants to be able to mark a single option to randomize all multiple choice options for all questions.
14-Feb-2007 12:46 72ED552489 Closed Some of our faculty are suggesting the following as a good feature: When copying Course Components, why does D2L have to copy the module with an item? It won’t let you separate them, I’ve tried. If the module already exists in the other course, it creates a duplicate that has to then be deleted. This occurs when an instructor is teaching the same course in two different sections. She would update the content in one section, and then copy it over to the other. If she adds content to a module, the course copy recreates the module, even if it exists already.
14-Feb-2007 12:47 72ED573997 Closed Some of our faculty have requested the following (in their words) as a feature: When entering grades for a grade item, I want to advance to the next student without hitting tab four times or using the mouse. In Excel, the Enter key would take me down a row. That would be ideal, since I am using the number pad while I enter grades. Alternate solution, Page Down key. When grading an entire column, the instructors have an input field box. Hitting tab takes them over to 3 icons/links before going to the next blank field box. These icons/links are clear grade/view logs of events/comments.
14-Feb-2007 13:56 72EE632646 Closed Simple question: Why can't we close the modules, like folders, on the Content page? The way it is, some of our classes have so much stuff that students will feel overwhelmed if shown all at once. Putting dates on modules is good for most uses but we have some high school courses running the whole year with students at various levels going through simultaneously.
14-Feb-2007 15:00 72EF653433 Closed Instructor is concerned about getting a dialogue box when he saves a questions in a random folder that he doesn't get with questions not in the random folder. As he says better, "However on all the other questions you see me save I get the dialog box for random questions but not for questions that are not in random folders." I have submitted a video of the faculty member's experience.
14-Feb-2007 16:14 72EH172293 Closed From the why in hell weren't they thinking department, please pass on to your developers in sincere terms that they need to consider ways to disable printing exams while they are being administered! Through being enrolled as a student in a course, I've found it is not only possible to print exams, it is easy! All I needed to do was open the exam as and click the File/Print menu. Doing this with my history exam, I printed off seven pages of my exam. Page one was the top of the frame noting a time limit of 30 minutes with 28 minutes left. Page 2 follows with the icons of floppy disks noting no saved responses. After a few seconds delay, a page with nothing on it save a Quiz Started notice is printed. Then, page one of four comes with every question and every possible response of the exam, complete with the Save All Responses and the Go to Submit Quiz buttons. Surely, the developers didn't mean for this to be such an easy operation.
16-Feb-2007 10:48 72GB454847 Closed Instructors set a restricted account to take an exam for a set time period for the 14 through the 16th of February. But the student sees 15th through the 17th of February. Picture attached. This client is using a Mac and Safari but another client had a similar problem with Windows XP and IE6.
19-Feb-2007 10:56 72JB63357A Closed Instructor who has been using D2L all semester just called and told me that he now gets an Internal error when ever he tries to get into one of his courses. He reports the error to be very much like the grade book issue that struck him earlier. He needs help to get back into her courses.
20-Feb-2007 11:08 72KC161861 Closed Instructor has tried three times to upload his grade book and only the first 2 pages load successfully. He has tried cutting out a column thinking the csv file was too large but the same two pages only uploaded. What do you suggest? (CSV file attached)
26-Feb-2007 10:41 72RB513195 Closed Some of our faculty have requested the ability to add terms to the spell check tool.
28-Feb-2007 14:40 72TF472235 Closed Why can't all file types loaded by the Add Topic process be loaded by the Bulk Add Topic process? We can add sav, csv, xml, indd, and vbs individually but when we attempt to load such files in the Content area, they will not show up on the form that allows you to select files.
02-Mar-2007 13:20 732E254A92 Closed Sorry to bother you. I often see text on the entrance page to quizzes that I have always attributed to a left over of the import process of bringing a Blackboard and/or WebCT quiz into D2L. However, today, in a demonstration for faculty, the phrase popped up in a quiz that I created during the demo. The phrase is {Term named "quizzes.userquizsummary.hdrinstructions" not found}" What does that mean? I cannot locate a box anywhere that I left empty; it is just a matter of time before some of our faculty ask me and I need to know what to tell them. The quiz is "My Test."
08-Mar-2007 16:09 738H1A2352 Closed Response to closed ticket 72EH172293. Pardon my responding to a closed ticket but I need to ask how you would suggest I add the attached code. I need this to work because Respondus is telling me it may take them another two months before they will be releasing their browser lock down product. The script would work with WebCT and I simply added it to the head of a quiz. For D2L, I have added it to the head but as you suggested, it probably wouldn't work there and it didn't. I have also just completed a test where I entered it into each question's text box and set the question to HTML. It doesn't work either. Is it my script or one of many things I don't know about with D2L? Thanks for your consideration.
09-Mar-2007 14:37 739F441953 Closed Entering subscript and superscript HTML tags in the quizzes results in a space between the sub or super number and the chemical element immediately preceeding it, even if the user makes use of the HTML editor. In the Content area, the items are rendered correctly the way the rest of the Web would present them. Just not in Quizzes. Instructor turned it in but I replicated it in the course below. Content area fine but check the multiple choice question titled CO2 in the quiz titled, "Are you watching."
12-Mar-2007 10:00 73CA686733 Closed Due to several help tickets being filed with us from faculty who see their classlists or the grade book disappear, I am copying the words of a colleague at one of our campuses who requests a default view that clears search items the next time a person logs in. He says, "Something to add to the wish list, I have had several instructors enter a missed spelled name in the grades search box. They are calling me frantic about there gradebook being lost. After I calm them down and show them what was happening, I tell them to do a search on the blank name and then they are relieved. I would request that a clear search link be placed in all areas that have a search box. The grade quiz area already does have on =e that will appear when you do a search. It will disappear when you are at the default view." Thanks for your consideration.
12-Mar-2007 17:09 73CH6A2575 Closed Please explain to us how D2L scores a Multi-select question so we can better understand how to use the tool. Doug has a question with four correct answers and 12 possible answers. To keep students from simply selecting all questions to get the correct three answered, he selected "right minus wrong." The student correctly selected 3 answers and was awarded 2.67 points by D2L. There is supposed to be a total of 4 points but we thought there would be 2. Right minus wrong indicates three correct but one wrong choice subtracted should yield a 2, right? If you want, please check Janice Bell's question 1 of the quiz "Quiz over Production and Distribution." There is a note that says graded by Doug Needham which was placed there after he changed the answer to 2; he changed it back to machine grade so you could see the answer and help us understand what's happening. Thanks for you help.
16-Mar-2007 08:27 73G9346117 Closed Maybe not a Bug, but an instructor has given a test to two students and he cannot now view the results of either of them. Why not? It is Exam 2.
16-Mar-2007 12:33 73GD412763 Closed On the ORU side of things, instructors can add students to their course but see them only in the Edit Cours\Registration area, not in the Classlist area. Specifically, they say: Hi Ron, We’ve run into a D2L problem more than once relating to the ClassList. We have it set up so that a teacher can add students to their class if that student is already created in D2L. However, sometimes when they do, the student(s) will then appear in the Registration section of the Edit Course option, but not in the ClassList. I now have a situation in my course where I enrolled all six students using the Bulk User Management Tool. I can see them in the Registration List of Edit Course. However, they do not show up in my ClassList for the course. The course is: MKT 346 OL Sales Management Could you please ask D2L to look at it and see why we are getting this disconnect, and how we can fix it? I don’t have a comprehensive list of the courses this is occurring in, but I have heard that several are seeing this issue. Thanks! --Marty Crossland
16-Mar-2007 14:21 73GF28516A Closed What's the limit on News items? I have an enterprising person who is complaining because she cannot attach a PowerPoint slide show to a new item. Upon investigating, I find she has twenty-one news items, all with an attachement ranging from one or two Word Documents to Windows Media file, to a real media file. She has nothing in the Content area and none of the files she has attached are in her file manager area. Where are files attached to a news item stored?
28-Mar-2007 08:21 73T9274525 Closed Several of us are having trouble entering grades by using the Pencil Icon that allows us supposedly to add grade to the whole column in one setting. The instructor enters the grades and clicks save only to have several seconds of delay until it finally times out and provides the all-to-frequent internal error. One instructor said it this way: i just wanted to let you know that i cannot post biol 1114 grades to d2l. it was doing this yesterday too. this is what it says when i attempt to post: Error: Internal Error There was an error processing the page you requested. -------------------------------------------- Please contact technical support, informing them of the page you were trying to reach and how you got this error message. Error: HTML 500 - Internal Server Error I know about this because I get the same thing with my history course.
28-Mar-2007 09:47 73TA554493 Closed Instructor needs to grade a final exam (8 week course that is ending now) and has been able to for all but one student. When she calls up this student, she receives the internal error message. It is the Final Exam for the student AMY MCDOUGALL.
29-Mar-2007 12:44 73UD493162 Closed I just imported questions from Respondus (version 3.5) to my history site saved as a QTI formatted Zip file. All of the questions were short answer. When the questions got into the course, though I didn't want D2L to create an exam, it did. I had to import the questions into the question library as I originally wanted. When finished, I noticed that several of the 32 questions we changed from short answer to long answer with no answers at all. Luckily, the questions are simple but if this happens to our faculty, there will be hard times to pay. Can you tell me what I need to do to help other not have this problem? I have changed back all of the questions except for two because I thought you might want to see them, you can also see the quiz NixonVideo1 to see the questions and their format. I have attached the zip file created by Respondus. I brought the questions in through the Edit Course/Components method.
29-Mar-2007 15:35 73UG421585 Closed I feel bad asking you for help but I can't do anything for a faculty member who cannot see his grade book. He receives the 500 internal error message for both browsers that he has tried. I can see his grade book but since I cannot impersonate him, I can't get a handle on his problem. I did ask him to run down the hall and try accessing his grade book on another machine but he hasn't responded yet; he was in a hurry for me to contact you. He has been trying to access the book since 11:00 this morning.
30-Mar-2007 16:21 73VH276511 Closed I was finishing part of my "sanity" check on our test server with the latest versions of stuff and LiveRoom will not allow me to add anyone to a private session. I have attached two pictures showing the problem. One of the classlist shows students from which I want to select and the other one which I open to select the participants tells me there is no one in the class. Also, what do all of the classes a person has anything to do with show up? Why can't you just select members of a class in which the tool is being loaded? Thanks!
04-Apr-2007 09:36 744A434243 Closed We are interested in using the Survey Branching tool. The instructions say to use the tool, it must be enabled for a course by the administrator. I have checked the permissions for Survey and found nothing about the branching wizard. Where is it? What does the administrator do to enable it? Thanks for your help.
09-Apr-2007 11:08 749C1729A6 Closed Instructor gets a 500 internal error when ever she tries to access her grade book.
09-Apr-2007 12:25 749D3231A3 Closed Another instance of the internal error being generated when a TA (in this case) attempts to view the grade book. The TA says, "I am the Teaching assistant for the course ECEN 5713 / MAE 5713, Linear systems. Currently, I cannot visit the Grades page of this course in OC systems. After I click Grades, it always says: Please wait while the Grades List loads, and keep loading. After a while, it says Error: Internal Error, there was an error processing the page you requested. Now, I cannot key in any grades, so could you please check it? Thanks for your kind help."
12-Apr-2007 13:42 74CE514638 Closed As admin, I can log in but I cannot access the Manage Course area! Help. I have been having trouble all morning and now into the afternoon.
13-Apr-2007 13:37 74DE3A3386 Closed Anyone using multiple short answers totalling more than five give more than 100% when a student correctly answer all the blanks. Take, my own experience: Students need to name the six states bordering Oklahoma. When they name all the states, they get 120% credit. It is impossible to give less than 20% for each correct answer. One of our instructors has a question with 18 answers! Imagine his predicament. What do you recommend to users?
16-Apr-2007 13:30 74GE341237 Closed We have a person who cannot open LiveRoom 4.1. On some occasions, she received the following message: When I get an error message ("Unable to launch LiveRoom 4.1.") and click for details, the next window has three tabs: General, Launch File and Exception. Pasted below is what comes up under the "General" tab: An error occurred while launching/running the application. Title: LiveRoom 4.1 Vendor: Desire2Learn, Inc. Category: Unexpected Error WebRenderer has failed spawn a browser (see console output for details). Under the "Exception" tab: java.lang.IllegalStateException: WebRenderer has failed spawn a browser (see console output for details). at com.desire2learn.mojo.content.browser.BrowserUtilities.spawnBrowserCanvasCheck(Unknown Source) at com.desire2learn.mojo.Mojo$ Source) at Source) at com.desire2learn.util.ExceptionRunnable.access$300(Unknown Source) at com.desire2learn.util.ExceptionRunnable$ Source) Under the "Launch File" tab: Desire2Learn, Inc. Do you have any idea what we can tell her?
18-Apr-2007 09:23 74IA2168A4 Closed We are noticing a problem with the box on the category to distribute points evenly to grade items. I've noticed that points given in a column are not always included in the total and another person has noticed the following: "When you add a grade item to the grade book from some place else eg: the dropbox, it will not display correctly if you have set distribute points evenly to grade items in that category are worth a given point value" I have provided some pictures to illustrate the quote. I am giving another class (HORT 1013) as an example of bonus points not being included in a calculated column, which I think is a similar problem. In it, you will notice in the grade book a Category of 001/002 Bonus students who have a 5/0 points do not have that five points added to their calculated column of Current Points. The second student's score should equal 288 but it shows only 283.
18-Apr-2007 09:28 74IA364284 Closed We suggest that the dropbox not allow users to create folders with the same name. We believe it is bad form and that we should never create such confusion through accident let alone through an over sight. I have attached two pictures detailing the problem.
18-Apr-2007 09:39 74IA485189 Closed Once again, an instructor cannot enter grades via a column because of time out problems. He enters the grades, clicks save, it times out and his work is lost.
18-Apr-2007 11:28 74IC3428AA Closed A grade entry issue. The instructor tries to enter grades via the pencil icon of a column, he enters them, tries to save them, and he receives an internal error. He says, "I entered grades once in that column and it worked. I have tried to enter more grades three times since then and get this error message: Error: Internal Error There was an error processing the page you requested. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please contact technical support, informing them of the page you were trying to reach and how you got this error message. Error: HTML 500 - Internal Server Error My Home -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Powered by Desire2Learn Inc. (I get an error when I enter grades for "Final Presentation.)
18-Apr-2007 13:19 74IE215A11 Closed I am working with a client who teaches German. Several years ago she asked me to embed mp3 clips into questions so students could hear the German form of the question and respond accordingly. She used WebCT and it had a method of linking to a file that saved me from having to update the quiz links each semester. The trick was WebCT used a link like this: Notice the work this lady has put into this course in the Question library. The questions are in the Listening section. Then, each semester we merely copied the test and question bank into the next course site. Now, I am having to update the files so that D2L can handle the links and I must enter for them to work. Does D2L have a term that I can insert so no matter what course it is, the link will work as long as the file structure remains the same? If not, each semester we are going to have to update each question which is going to be a real big deal. Thanks.
20-Apr-2007 12:48 74KD542926 Closed One of our instructors, Alan Cheville, is trying to create a final exam in which he wants to use some questions he has previously used in quizzes. He has noticed that he cannot access questions in random folders to place them into his new quiz. How does he do that? Specifically, he wants to access the random folders of the quiz, "7v Gaussian Beam" as he works on his "Final Exam S07."
26-Apr-2007 12:09 74RD191912 Closed Instructor cannot see his grade book; he receives an internal error in both of his courses.
26-Apr-2007 16:22 74RH324338 Closed Teaching Assistant lost his grade book to the view by section bug. He now gets only the internal error message.
27-Apr-2007 10:58 74SB675A96 Closed Another grade book issue which I don't have permissions to correct. I am not allowed to impersonate users. This deals, of course, with the internal error.
27-Apr-2007 12:56 74SD655977 Closed D2L times out and provides a 500 internal error when the instructor attempts to export her grade book.
01-May-2007 14:52 751F614799 Closed As a result of an instructor screaming because a discussion group that was set to anonymous isn't! I replicated the issue and found I cannot create an anonymous discussion either. Help.
02-May-2007 14:19 752F282475 Closed what should we tell a faculty member when D2L keeps timing out while he is trying to download a backup copy of his course?
03-May-2007 10:07 753B162314 Closed I just received this question from a user whose school will be joining us this Fall when we will be running 8.1.3. The question is "Should there be any problem with D2L when running Windows 98?"
04-May-2007 09:13 754A233576 Closed Instructor cannot access his grade book probably because he has tried to view by sections, not sure.
07-May-2007 09:52 757A621881 Closed Instructor entering grades get the old Internal error message in grade book.
22-May-2007 14:46 75MF531927 Closed At the conclusion of a special workshop we held for faculty who will come up with online courses, I used attempted to use a news item to post the pictures of the nine participants. I used the HTML editor to build a table of three rows and three columns and placed a picture in each cell. When released, only one picture shows; the remaining onces are displayed a broken links. Yet, in "edit news" mode, all pictures show. What's the deal? Is this another bug? You help is welcomed.
05-Jun-2007 17:36 765I4364A4 Closed Instructor copied her course from the Spring semester into a new offering for the Summer term. She has some files in her manage files area that are now corrupted (totally presented as Chineese!). Specifically, look at CHAPTER 6_objectives.htm (in the Chapter 6 folder) in the Manage Files area.
06-Jun-2007 15:32 766G386645 Closed An instructor is trying to export her grade book in two classes. The instructor writes, "I am trying to export my gradebooks from D2L and it gives me an internal error message. I can view the gradebook sorted by section with no problem, but I cannot download."
13-Jun-2007 09:33 76DA381489 Confirm to Close In 8.1, there was a bug with student's seeing the submission view set up by faculty after an exam period passed. It appears that the bug is still with us in 8.1.3. I have an instructor needing the latest status on the bug and I don't know if development is working on it. The instructor says, " In a nutshell, every day my students have to submit a “quiz” which is actually just a series of short (though officially Long Answer (LA)) questions, which I subsequently grade. In WebCT and in D2L, you can set a “window of opportunity” for them to take the quizzes and in my case 8:30 in the morning has been the cut-off (class starts at 9). In WebCT, once a student was done with a quiz and especially once I had graded it, they could go back and review their answers and the scores I gave, question-by-question. Base on a week’s worth of experimentation, I have been unable to replicate this in D2L. I have selected, in “Submission Views”, for them to see the questions, their answers, and my answers, but so far this hasn’t been happening. I think the reason is that I set the quizzes NOT to be auto-graded; the little question mark help icon says that for students to see the default submission view, this must be turned on. I turned this on for today’s quiz and am going to ask the students if they ever saw anything different than “Your quiz has been submitted successfully.” message. However, this is well and good, but since they are writing long answer questions, auto-grading does not work (nor do I expect it to). I want them to have meaningful access after I grade their quizzes later in the day, directly linked to their own original submissions. However, the way I understand “Submission Views”, this also means that except for (possibly) seeing my answers in the feedback when they submit the quiz, they can never access it again later on. I have experimented with removing the deadline on the quiz later in the day after I have graded all quizzes and after I know who didn’t submit one, but ultimately they can never again see any information about that quiz except the confirmation that they submitted one. Ultimately, I want them to be able to go back again later on, after the deadline, and review the quiz and especially their score-by-score tallies, the original questions, and either their own answers or my answer key (I have put the same information in both “feedback” and “answer key”). Since they have so far not been able to see this information, I cannot figure out what I need to “turn on” or “turn off” to make this information available to them so they can use the quiz results to study for exams. I have also experimented with “Reports” and alternate “Submission Views”, but none of these seem to give them what I want them to have access to. I also, in the “Student View”, cannot see real examples of what they see – for example I can’t click on “Grades” in the student view and get anything meaningful, and the only thing I can do is “Preview” a quiz, not actually complete one, to see what they see. I have been able, in my office and in class, to have a few students log in as themselves and show me what they see, but so far they’re not seeing any meaningful feedback on my quizzes." What should I tell him?
15-Jun-2007 12:25 76FD335266 Closed Instructor cannot add grades by clicking on column name (item name) in grade book. He enters them, hits save, waits through the running hyphens, and then it times out. Help! Instructor says: " I have my grades set up in large categories with child items underneath them. I click on the "grade item" icon for the child item and enter all students grades for that item. Then I hit "save." This failed several times both Wednesday and Thursday."
27-Jun-2007 17:32 76SI413457 Closed A big time Help! I have been working on a demo course for faculty that I'm trying to use every day this week and for some reason, I can no longer access it. I was working on Articles, News, and LiveRoom when the problem occurred -- right before a session with faculty.
29-Jun-2007 17:00 76UH5A5182 Closed We are having trouble with LiveRoom. I have attached screen shots that shows what users see in when trying to view a Web page during a presentation. They see nothing but a big gray box. Interestingly, a Mac in our place displays the Web pages appropriately. One attached shot was from an IE7 browser and the other from Mozilla's latest.
17-Jul-2007 11:49 77HC552856 Closed By design, we have limited e-mail functionality through D2L. I've noticed that the address book on the e-mail form does not allow users to select people to "Add Recipients," when using my instructional account (rgpaye). When using my administrator's account (ropayne), after clicking the address book, I get a seriously long wait followed by a 500 Internal error. I had an instructor bring this to my attention. Have we missed a setting in permissions or is it a bug?
23-Jul-2007 10:44 77NB52225A Closed Instructor has trial student account that he has submitted assignments for so he can see what is supposed to happen; however, when he goes intot the course as an instructor, he is told there are three files in the dropbox but none that he can download. I checked the names of the files and they are fine. Log in as a student, aggieiob, and you can see the file. Log in as the instructor, aiob, and you can't.
23-Jul-2007 11:31 77NC3A4511 Confirm to Close One of our campus administrators, Machelle Davison, shows in the lists of all the potential users available for a personalized LiveRoom chat. However unlike all the other administrators who are displayed, she always has a green check by her name indicating she is "in" the room, even when she isn't.
01-Aug-2007 12:30 781D386654 Closed Is it possible to download quizzes and/or questions in the Question Library in D2L's required question text format? We have an instructor who wants to be able to print all of his questions with the right answers showing. I could do it if I could get the download file into Respondus or into text or CSV file but can't find a way to do it.
14-Aug-2007 15:38 78EG432A31 Closed I have been told (and the dialogue box agrees) that if a user giving a quiz select "enforced" and to "Auto Submit Attempt," that a quiz would be submitted when the grace period is up on the next action a student takes. All I see it do is provide a warning dialogue box and allow the student to have as long as (s)he wants. What am I missing here? Clicking on the check mark next to "Auto Submit Attempt" tends to reinforce my expectation of an automatic submission after the time has elapsed. Why doesn't it?
24-Aug-2007 16:57 78PH655334 Confirm to Close We have received several complaints with LiveRoom "kicking people off" during a session. Here is a sample e-mail message we just received. Tell me, please, what I should be telling people to prepare them for the way this tool tends to behave? EMAIL SUBJECT: LiveRoom problems in FRNS 5073 BODY: During the LiveRoom on Wednesday evening, Aug 22, students and instructor in Quality Assurance in the Forensic Sciences were kicked off at least 15 times (the average was 2 times per person although some had to rejoin 3 times or more) during the one hour class. This is very disruptive to class since the students cannot follow the conversation when they are kicked out and must read to catch up - this keeps them behind in the current conversation. It is also very difficult to ask and answer questions since the instructor & students must continually keep track of who is in class and who is gone; the flow of conversation is disrupted with the constant in and out and having to go back and repeat what was missed by some students but not others. Another problem is that you do not know that you are kicked off until you try to type and send and nothing happens. For an instructor who needs to keep the class moving, it is difficult to rejoin, see what was missed, and answer questions that were asked during their absence without stopping class.
28-Aug-2007 14:20 78TF2937A7 In Development Faculty member has given a survey and receives a time out or internal error every time he attempts to view survey results. Also a student has just reported an inability to submit the survey. He receives a server internal error when he tries. (To view, check the only active survey in the class.)
29-Aug-2007 10:34 78UB374957 Closed An instructor's discussion is generating an internal error.
29-Aug-2007 12:35 78UD3A412A Closed We have an instructor who seriously needs a feature for the survey tool. He explains it this was: All I want is a simple flat file (a CSV file or an Excel file with a single sheet) reporting the survey and quiz results, where the row labels are the students, column labels are the questions (either Question Label or Question Number), and the cells are the answers students provided (mostly yes/no, 1-7, or some short string). I have attached a spreadsheet detailing his simple request.
30-Aug-2007 10:32 78VB411871 Closed An instructor who was a heavy user of WebCT on our campus has requested the following feature that frankly, I used, too. She asks, "on WebCT we had the option of imposing a time lapse for retaking quizzes. For example, when there were 2 attempts allowed on a quiz I could specify how long the student would have to wait before s/he could retake it. That option does not exist on D2L, but our teachers would like that feature. " She is in charge of our German online high school courses with teacher all across the country.
30-Aug-2007 10:37 78VB46356A Confirm to Close We want the 2+2 question type in quizzes to accept and work with negative numbers. Here is the instructor's request, in answering a question from a student as to why D2L will not handle negative numbers: "Ha ha ha! You would think that this would be doable, huh? I submitted a request for this "feature" to be fixed nine months ago and still nothing. The answer is in short, no fix. Here are the rules you have to work under: 1) All answers need to be greater than .001 in practice. D2L won't accept any numbers less that .0001 period. 2) You can't use negative exponents, i.e. 8.85e-12 isn't recognized 3) Students can't enter operators, only numbers. 4) If you need to use the charge of an electron in an equation you would need to put 1.6/1e19 NOT 1.6e-19 You could use a type of question for this problem called "significant figures" rather than "arithmetic". They have to enter an exponent separately, but it would work for this problem. It is a major pain in the ass for most problems though. My suggestion would be to change the question around and give it as multiple choice or matching. For other numeric problems you will have to have students answer in units so the answer comes out greater than .001. Or you can use my Matlab code to turn these problems into multiple choice. I am forwarding this e-mail on to ITLE so there is a record that I am not the only one with these complaints when we have our committee meeting on D2L later. Alan On 8/27/07, wrote: Dr. Cheville, is there a way to make D2L take negative powers? Like a question is asking students to enter the charge of an electron, and when I have the formula set to 0-1.6*10^-19 it rounds to 0. Any info on how I might fix this would be appreciated. Thanks. "
05-Sep-2007 17:07 795I165641 Closed An instructor is having her students create home pages using the Home page tool. About 90% of the time when they attempt to add images to their home page, they get a dialogue box asking for the URL to the picture rather than the box giving them the opportunity to upload the image.
13-Sep-2007 11:09 79DC15585A Closed Over the past few days, we have received several complaints from faculty whose students "suddenly" could not save an answer to a question and then could not submit the exam. Usually, this situation occurs in the middle of an exam. So far, they have had differing amounts of time: one was a thirty-minute exam and the others tended to be about an hour. My basic question is: Are there "known issues" that we need to be passing on to people to help them avoid this situation?
17-Sep-2007 10:22 79HB313A39 Closed Our CIO wants to know the following: "We were wondering if someone can set up a course so people could view parts of a course in occ without logging in?" Some folks want to see parts of a course before they enroll.
24-Sep-2007 14:13 79PF1A6633 Closed Instructor get the following message when he attempts to start LiveRoom 4.1: Unable to load resource: I have found what jnlp means but don't recognize "sac" and can't tell him how to proceed. I appreciate any help you can give me here.
25-Sep-2007 11:49 79QC513713 Closed We have had a rash of incidents where people taking short quizzes experience a "freeze" about midway through the test. During the freeze, they cannot save any answers nor can they submit the quiz. Thinking that the old time-out issue was showing its presence, I assumed the people had not done anything for 30 minutes; however, in the case at hand, the quiz was to last only 12 minutes. The text of this report from our helpdesk is, "The client was taking a quiz on D2L in the lockdown browser and the quiz locked up and stated that it was submitting and then the computer froze. The client would like to know what happened." According to the log, all seemed normal. Can you give me a clue? This is happening too frequently. In this case, Respondus Lockdown browser was used but we have reports of the same thing happening using ordinary browsers. Help!
27-Sep-2007 16:50 79SH5759A2 Closed After a question from an instructor, I ran a test to see if it is possible to copy a formula for the final grade column to be copied into another course by going through Edit Course/Copy Components and selecting Grades. I found the columns of the grade book come but no formula. How do people copy their formula? Are they expected to re-enter the formula in course after course over and over?
03-Oct-2007 11:42 7A3C493641 Confirm to Close We have an instructor who cannot see the last page of her grade book. She has 76 students showing the default 25 names per page and she sees and can access only pages one through three, not page four. When I look at her grade book with the default 25 names per page, I see four pages with only the 76th name showing on page four. When her view is changed to 50 names per page, all 76 are visible; however, the minute her view goes back to 25, she can see only three pages of names (75) student.
05-Oct-2007 16:33 7A5H411486 In Development A bug with a quiz. The student is trying to take a 10 multiple choice question exam and only the first three questions had the answer choices. A picture is provided.
16-Oct-2007 09:52 7AGA614281 Closed We have a course content area that displays no PDF files, which is all there is, due to an error (picture of error dialogue box attached).
17-Oct-2007 11:00 7AHB694A75 Closed We have an instructor who cannot see one column in his grade book. Others can, he can't. He cannot see the column, Exam 2.
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